The New Bloggers Ultimate Guide For Pinterest Traffic Success In 4 Weeks!

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Imagine if your blog was being visited by thousands of people every month...


People who love you & your content...


People who can't wait to jump on your email list & engage with you...


Imagine leveraging this traffic to earn an honest living from your blog!


Ok, you can stop imagining...

Let me tell you that it really is possible for you to have all of the above & more...

I know, I know... after so many hours spent trying to understand Pinterest with little to no results... it's a hard one to believe right?


Do any of the following sound familiar?

You've just started your own blog but you have no idea how to get people to actually come & read it.


You've thrown money into advertising, social media & blog posts & tried every strategy under the sun but you've seen very little to no return!


You hear other bloggers going crazy for Pinterest but you just can't get it to work for you!


You feel like you put your everything into creating great content but you don't understand how to get that content to the right audience!


You get so overwhelmed by all the conflicting info out there & are sceptical of spending another penny on something that will most likely be a total fail!


You're ready to quit the dusty 9-5 race & start driving some real traffic to your blog & start making an honest income!

Yes? Then you are definitely in the right place!


So what if I told you that you can...

Take steps today to instantly grow your blog traffic.


Drive 100's or even 1000's of people to your blog every day without spending hours & hours on promotion or paying thousands for ads.


Grow your email list with the RIGHT audience who will be passionate about you & your content.


Stand out from the crowd on Pinterest & become the expert in your niche.


Spend more time doing the things you love, creating awesome content & helping your audience because your Pinterest strategy practically runs itself.

Sounds good right? & let me tell you now that you can do all of the above... seriously!

P.S I'm going to show you exactly what worked for me... I promise no magic formulas involved... just cold, hard, practical steps!


So Who Even Am I? Let me tell you a little bit about me & my blog & why I think I can help you...

In March 2018, started a blog with all the enthusiasm & excitement in the world... ok, ok, I did have those 'I can't do this' doubts niggling away at me too!!!

Despite my drive & excitement, I can tell you straight up that I quickly became frustrated, disheartened & knackered!

I was spending hours & hours working, creating content & trying to master every social media platform out there! B.I.G. Mistake!!

Doing this got me absolutely nowhere & I was at a loss!

All those doubts started to feel real...maybe the whole blogging thing was just NOT meant for me after all!

I was getting nowhere with Facebook, I was growing my Twitter account but that wasn't bringing me any traffic at all & well... Instagram was like a minefield... & yes I played around with Reddit too & Google+ before it shut down.

And do you know what? Pinterest was the only platform that was generating me any traffic at all....

So, I made the decision to pretty much drop the rest & focus all my attention on Pinterest & developing a strategy that worked!

And honesty... I've been pretty blown away by the results so far! Let me show you...

Here are my results...

Website Views

So you can see that in May my traffic started to BOOM! This was 2 months after flaffing about with every social media platform out there & even after paying Pinterest to promote pins & literally getting nowhere!

May was the month that I switched my focus to just Pinterest & figured out a manual pinning strategy.

I chose to manually pin as I was reluctant to spend money on a scheduler to automate my Pinning... I wanted to see some results first!

As the amount of content & pins I had grew.. manually pinning started to become somewhat of a chore for me!... ok, it was a frikken nightmare at this point!

Notice that little dip in late June, early July?... yep, that's when I had started to skip pinning most days because it was getting too much to bear!...

It was obvious I needed to get back to my pinning strategy but by then I had over 200 pins & manually pinning was just not an option for me!!! ...it was time to invest in a scheduler... plus after seeing some mega awesome results from my manual pinning, I knew that anything that promised to help me automate my pinning was going to be worth the investment!

and let me tell you... automating my pinning was SO worth it....

Pinterest Analytics - Current Stats

When I implemented my strategy into the scheduler in mid to late July my traffic went kerrrr-raaaazy!

3 Million Monthly Pinterest Viewers!! Say whaaaa?

Pretty awesome right?! Especially since I'm not having to spend hours promoting on social media to see little to no results.


Take a Moment To Imagine....

What you could do with that much traffic coming to your blog!


Imagine waking up every morning to hundreds of page views & new email subscribers!

Imagine building an engaged community of loyal followers

Imagine all the benefits & attention from brands because of your increased exposure!


Imagine being able to leverage that traffic so you can finally quit the 9-5!

Proudly Introducing...


The New Bloggers Solution To Driving Mega Traffic To Your Brand Spanking New Blog - Without Losing Your Mind!

Over 11 In-Depth Topics & Over 30 Video Lessons

What's Included?

Understanding Pinterest

You will learn about Pinterest demographics, what Pinterest wants, what does well on Pinterest & apply this information to accelerate your success.


Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile

Set up your Pinterest profile the right way to increase your visibility on Pinterest & stand out from the crowd!


Pinterest SEO

Keywords are key! This topic will teach you how to find the right keywords that people are actually searching for & where to place them for maximum effect.


Group Boards

Understand which group boards are worth joining for you & learn how to apply for group boards with increased success.


Creating Viral Pins

Learn what makes a Pin more likely to go viral with in-depth lessons on creating pins in Canva & PicMonkey & how to find the best images.


Optimizing Your Site

Learn how to make the most of the increased traffic you're driving from Pinterest & increase your search engine visibility.


The Plugins You Need

Learn which plugins you need to help increase your reach & success on Pinterest.


Tailwind Scheduling & Tribes

An in-depth look at Tailwind & how to easily schedule your pins, analyse your results & find good Tribes.



An in-depth look at ViralTag


Analyzing & Using Your Analytics

Pinterest, Google, Tailwind, WordPress: How to decipher your analytics & optimize them for success.


Your Pinning Strategy

I will be sharing with you the pinning strategy that works for me & no matter how many posts or pins you have, I will help you find a Pinning strategy that works for you.


Pinterest Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions will be covered & I will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions that pop up!


And More!

This course is currently under construction! All the above will be included & more!


And Of Course You'll Get Bonuses Too...

Checklists & Worksheets - $50 Value

Keep track of your progress & streamline you strategy using these handy checklists & worksheets


What to Post - $50 Value

Hints, tips & guidance on what your next posts should be & the right time to post Seasonal content.


Algorithm Updates

Pinterest is always changing & I will always keep you updated... let me do the work so you don't have to!


Private Community - $50/m Value

Access to a VIP private community just for members of this course where I will be hanging out every day so we can chit chat, have a giggle & solve any issues or questions you have.


20 Pin Templates - $100 Value

Stunning pin templates that you can simply customize & use as your own


20 Board Cover Templates - $100 Value

20 different styles of gorgeous Pinterest board covers for you to customize & use as your own.

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This course is available soon!

Buy today for a massive saving of 50% off the full price using coupon GIMMEHALFOFF at checkout.

*Limited time offer... only available for the pre-course launch

You will get immediate access as soon as the course goes live!

P.S. I would hate for you to miss out on this half price offer so for your information, November 24th will be the absolute latest date this course will go live... it could go live any time before that date at which point the price will increase. I want to give you access to the course as soon as it's ready!


100% Money Back Guarantee

Your happiness & satisfaction is my number one priority!

If you don't get more than what you've paid for then I don't feel that I've done enough for you!

I work hard to ensure that you will be thrilled with your purchase & see results, but if it turns out that it just wasn't right for you then you can request a refund.

If you go through the course, take the action & you don't see any results please email me within 60 days requesting a full refund. All I ask is that you email me evidence to show that the course hasn't worked for you (e.g. Your Pinterest stats from the time you purchased the course to the present day)

All refunds are subject to the terms & conditions linked on the footer of this page.


#PinSanity is right for you if...

You are a beginner blogger & you want to grow your traffic

Pinterest can be a total minefield! #PinSanity will help you to understand everything you need to know about Pinterest without hours of research and frustration headaches!


You have only just dipped your toe into the Pinterest waters & you have no idea how to make it work for you

Many people have no idea what Pinterest is & what it actually does let alone how to use it... #PinSanity will fill you in so you can make the right choices & take the right action when it comes to Pinterest!


You have been fiddling around with Pinterest for a while & haven't seen your efforts pay off

#PinSanity will take the guess work out of Pinterest & the tools & resources that will streamline your path to success so you can spend more time focusing on the best things, like your content & engaging with your audience.


You like results & you like them fast

Pinterest is a long game but the results happen quickly... especially when you have #PinSanity to guide you through it!


You don't want to spend endless hours trying to figure out Pinterest & would love someone to just take the reigns & keep you up to date with the latest Pinterest changes & updates so you don't have to!

Pinterest is forever changing... I will constantly be updating #PinSanity so you will always have the latest news & info at your fingertips.


You want the support of someone (me) who will hold your hand every step of the way & who actually cares about your success

I am going to be at your side all the way... You will be able to connect with me via email or within the private community group everyday!


#PinSanity is NOT for you if...

You are one of those people who buys a course but doesn't put the work in!

Taking action is paramount to your success... it's absolutely pointless investing in this course or any course & not being prepared to take action.


You are looking for a get rich quick scheme & don't really care about giving your audience value & a great experience... so long as you're getting the traffic right?

Wrong! Putting your audience first & providing them value has to be your number one priority to succeed in the blogging world. This course will not help you grow if your intentions aren't honest.


You already feel you know everything about Pinterest

This course will not help you if you're one of those people that has heard it all before.


You are an advanced blogger who is already seeing great results from Pinterest

This course is for new bloggers & takes you through the basics & beyond... however if you feel I could help you just get in touch & we can have a chat about your situation & figure out if the course would be a good fit for you.


You aren't willing to accept feedback

If you can't handle constructive feedback then this course may not be for you. I am 100% invested in your success so I offer you my honest feedback whenever you ask for it & sometimes when you don't if I notice something... don't worry I am a really nice person & I only intend to give you helpful feedback!


You don't learn well from video

Most of the topics within #PinSanity are covered through video & audio as I feel this is the best way to deliver you the content.


You want a magic formula for success

While I have no doubt this course will increase your website traffic from Pinterest, it's not a magic formula for success or a sneaky 'beat the system' course... it's a course that will teach you what has worked for me & how you can apply my strategy for your own success.

"This course is a fabulous investment" I hear you say but you may still have a few concerns! Let's address them...

This course is too expensive...

Sure, I can understand that... When I was just starting out blogging I had to be so careful on what I spent my money on, in fact I challenged myself to spend as little money as possible... So I spent hours & hours running around the houses trying to grasp Pinterest & find out what works... I was going to bed at 3am most nights and I was constantly working... my health was beginning to suffer but was it worth it? Yes, in the end it has totally paid off but I've put all I have leaned into this course for 2 main reasons... one, so you don't have to go through what I did & two, so you will see results quicker than I did.

I want to enroll but I don't have the money...

I promise that you will get way more value returned for your investment but... I wouldn't want you to buy this course if you didn't have the money, don't put it on your credit card or get yourself into a financial pickle over it... there really is no pressure... #PinSanity will still be here when you can afford the investment.

I don't think my niche will do well on Pinterest...

Ok, this might actually be true, does your website cover Food & Drink. Home Decor, DIY, Crafts, Activities for Kids, Quotes, Personal Development, Arts, Parenting, Photography, Music, Books, Holidays, Hair & Beauty health & Fitness, Weightloss, Making Money, Organization, Cleaning, Travel, Gardening, Education, Adventure, Animals, Humor, Tech, Gifts, Reviews or Life Hacks? Then no worries... Pinterest can definitely help you!

My Pinterest account has hardly any followers so there's no point...

Your follower account really does not equal your success on Pinterest... I have grown my following to over 4k since March 2018 and I started with 0 but my lack of followers in the beginning did not stop me achieving over 270k page views so far.. Whilst your follower account isn't something to worry about, #PinSanity will naturally grow your follower account anyway when you implement the course.

This seems like a lot of effort & I'm already rushed off my feet...

Sure this course is going to take up a bit of your time & require you to take some action... all the best things in life are worth working for right? But... it really isn't going to consume your life & ultimately it will save you tons of time!

I don't believe you'll actually be there for me...

Hey, like I said I am 100% committed to your success... I want you to buy my course & benefit from it in a huge way... if that doesn't happen then I haven't done my job & basically my course will fail... & that's not going to happen. When you buy #PinSanity, you don't just get access to the full course materials for life with lifetime updates... you get me as your mentor & friend & there's no way I'm gonna let you down!

The course is so new... I'm worried it's not going to work for me

I can totally understand that... it's easier to commit to a course that you've seen testimonials & success stories for but the fact that this course is brand spanking new is what makes it so exciting. Not only do you get to be the first to take this course & become a veteran member of the community, but I'm offering this course to you for a massive 50% off the full price as a thank you... an offer that won't be available again in the future at this price.




Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pre-order?
Pre-ordering this course will secure your access with a saving for you of 50%. When the course goes live you will be notified immediately & the price will increase for anyone who did not pre-order.
What will I get with the course?
You will get access to all the course modules & videos, access to the private group community, all the bonus worksheets & checklists plus continuous updates on Pinterest changes.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is this course worth the price?
This course is worth more than the price you will pay for it... as long as you take action and apply what you learn. If you don't take action the course is not worth paying for.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 60 days and we will give you a full refund, all I ask is that you provide evidence that you have implemented the steps in the course & have seen no results.
Should I be worried that this is a new course?
Far from it... as my purpose is to ensure that I always give more than I get, if I didn't believe I could help you, this course wouldn't exist. Because the course is new, you will be a vital part in helping me to grow the course further in years to come... like part of the furniture!
Is my Credit Card Safe?
Yes, your payment details are encrypted & secure & processed by Teachable.
What's different about your course to other Pinterest courses out there?
This course was created with your success as the end goal. I am 100% invested in your success & will be by your side every step of the way making this course highly personal. I don't promise you that this course is a magic formula for success... I'm as bored of blogging fairy tales as you are... I do promise you that this is a realistic, real life, real bloggers guide to Pinterest success.
I have another question
No problem, you can email me at hello@themummyfront.com and I will get back to you usually with an hour and no more than 8 hours.

I can't wait to see you on the other side!

Get started now!

This course is available soon!

Buy today for a massive saving of 50% off the full price using coupon GIMMEHALFOFF at checkout.

*Limited time offer... only available for the pre-course launch

You will get immediate access as soon as the course goes live!